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The PLGA Fund at the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation fuels the most promising pediatric low-grade glioma and astrocytoma research in addition to  equipping, educating and empowering PLGG/PLGA families with resources and a community so that they can thrive.

Following the merger of A Kids’ Brain Tumor Cure with the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation in 2018, the PLGA Fund at PBTF continues AKBTC’s work in funding research that will lead to non-toxic, more effective treatments and, ultimately, a cure. The research strategy for the PLGA Fund at PBTF is guided by an external Scientific Advisory Board and two internal Scientific Advisors.

PLGA Research Currently Funded

Over the past decade, the PLGA Fund at PBTF’s support has provided seed funding to researchers around the world. These projects have not only resulted in new targeted therapies being used in the clinics today, but have also enabled scientists to apply and win multi-million-dollar grants from the National Cancer Institute, resulting in multiple clinical trials that are shaping the direction for targeted therapies.

The PLGA Research Strategy supports projects in the areas of basic and translational science, clinical trials and education. View a complete listing of projects funded over the last dozen years on the PLGA Fund's Basic and Translational Science and Clinical Trials project pages or click a project name below to learn more about our currently funded research:

Researchers - Apply for a Research Grant

The PLGA Fund at PBTF accepts PLGG/PLGA research grant proposals on a rolling basis. Projects may vary in length from 1 – 3 years.  Novel concepts/hypotheses are encouraged and a premium is given to projects which involve collaboration between institutions and investigators. Eligible projects include basic science, translational and clinical trial initiatives as well as survivorship/outcomes studies. Click here to learn more and email with questions.

Families – Find the Support You Need

No family should have to face a child's brain tumor diagnosis alone. The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation provides informational, logistical and financial support to help families navigate their journey across the full spectrum of pediatric brain tumor diagnoses. Some resources include the Starfolio Resource Notebook for newly diagnosed families, emergency financial assistance Butterfly Fund and the award-winning Imaginary Friend Society films.

Additionally, the PLGA Fund at PBTF participates in and recommends the following online support groups for those seeking comfort and support following a child’s PLGG/PLGA diagnosis:

Families - Get Involved

More than half of childhood primary central nervous system tumors are gliomas, and, unlike gliomas in adulthood, low-grade gliomas constitute the majority of pediatric gliomas. Pediatric low-grade gliomas arise throughout the nervous system. Despite their slower progression, the impact of the tumors have lasting effects on patients’ quality of life due to the lack of accessibility for safe resection and complications from current toxic medical treatments

The PLGA Fund at PBTF is accelerating the efforts of researchers at top institutions around the globe to find more effective, less toxic treatments. This research is made possible by the generosity of fundraisers, donors, and community events across the country.

Find a fundraiser or learn more about how you can support the PLGA Fund here. You can also follow the PLGA Fund at PBTF on Facebook to stay up-to-date on news and events!