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The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation is the world’s largest non-governmental funder of childhood brain tumor research. Since 1991, we have invested more than $24 million in research and played a leading role in fostering innovation in the field.

The research we fund has paved the way for more focused efforts to understand the cellular and molecular biology of childhood brain tumors. This has opened avenues for the discovery of new diagnostic and treatment approaches.

What We Fund

We believe that outcomes for children with brain tumors will improve more quickly when researchers share the results of their work with each other in real time and work collaboratively.

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Research Advisory Network

Our research grants are peer-reviewed and must demonstrate standards of scientific merit. We rely on the expertise of our distinguished Research Advisory Network to help us evaluate the best funding opportunities.

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Apply for Research Funding

The PBTF will launch new grant-making programs beginning in the fall of 2014. If you wish to be alerted of research funding opportunities, please email us.

Online Survey

Clinicians release treatment survey for parents
Clinicians from BC Children’s Hospital, the Collaboration for Outcomes Research and Evaluation (CORE), University of British Columbia (UBC) and the Hospital for Sick Children in conjunction with the University of Toronto, are conducting an online survey for parents of childhood brain tumor patients.
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The invitation code is: M6irpx5w.