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What We Fund

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Research funded by the PBTF has attracted more scientists to the field.

The pediatric brain tumor research enterprise is a broad landscape that changes with new scientific breakthroughs and lessons learned. The overarching goal of the PBTF’s research funding is to shape the landscape to get better answers for children, adolescents and young adults facing the diagnosis of a brain tumor. We also want to address the harmful effects of treatment.

The major clinical areas of impact that are targeted by the research we fund include:

  • Diagnosis: What type of brain tumor does my child have?
  • Etiology: What caused the brain tumor?
  • Prognosis: What is the likely outcome?
  • Therapeutic options: What treatments are available for this tumor type?
  • Therapy selection: What is the best course of treatment in my child’s case?
  • Monitoring for early tumor detection: Has the tumor recurred?
  • Late effects: What can be done to avoid or counter the negative effects of treatment?

Research Funding Strategy
Every person diagnosed with a brain tumor in childhood is a Star to the PBTF. Our research funding strategy to advance the field and make good on our mission to conduct “Research for the Stars” is based on the following approach:

  • Map the research landscape by key priority research areas: biology, biomarkers, health-related quality of life, research platforms/resources and new treatments
  • Support discovery, translational and clinical research endeavors across these key research areas
  • Engage with the research community in all sectors through a diversity of research funding programs and scientific forums that address the key priority areas

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