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Fundraising Application

If you would like to organize a community fundraising event benefiting the PBTF, please review the following agreement and supply the required information. A PBTF staff member will contact you the business day after you submit your form. Please note, that your submission does not mean your event is officially approved. Please direct any questions to Caroline Noor by email, or calling 800-253-6530, ext. 325.

Community Fundraising Agreement and Confidentiality Form

Thank you for supporting the PBTF through your fundraising efforts. We appreciate your participation and support. The following policies have been created to protect our organization and you as a fundraiser. The undersigned parties agree to abide by the following when fundraising to benefit the PBTF:

Basic fundraising policies:

  • Either party to this agreement may terminate agreement at its convenience. In the event of termination, all funds collected subject to this agreement must be remitted as specified in this document.
  • Fundraisers may not enter into any agreement with a corporation/organization when there is a potential conflict of interest with the PBTF’s mission, programs or policies. Please contact us with any questions.
  • You agree to comply with all federal, state and local charitable solicitation statutes, regulations and ordinances that affect or apply to you and the fundraising described listed above. 
  • The PBTF strongly discourages the use of raffles and gaming due to the complexity and compliance with various rules and legal requirements that vary from state to state.
  • Community event organizers are responsible for providing insurance as required by law or established business practice.
  • Fundraisers may not sign a contract in the name of the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation.
  • Events, affiliations or promotions that require the PBTF to release to third parties the names, addresses, or phone numbers of donors or prospects will not be approved.
  • Fundraisers may not use the PBTF’s federal tax ID number to secure any in-kind donations, including event venues, invitations, etc.  Exceptions to this process will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the PBTF CEO or CFO.
  • If your fundraising event will feature the use of alcohol, please check with your state regarding all applicable laws and permits.
  • Unless you have prior approval in writing from the PBTF, funding to the PBTF may not be restricted to a specific program.
  • PBTF employees and their immediate families are not eligible to organize community fundraisers.

Financial policies:

  • All expenses affiliated with this fundraising event are your personal responsibility, and every effort will be made to keep expenses to 25 percent or less of event revenue raised (gross). The PBTF is unable to reimburse fundraisers for any expenses related to their fundraising events.
  • A check for the net proceeds from your fundraising event should be made payable to the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation and delivered within 30 days of the event date.
  • Fundraisers may not open a bank account under the PBTF’s name or federal tax ID number.  Any check donations listing the PBTF as “Payee” must be forwarded to the PBTF for deposit in a PBTF bank account.
  • Fundraisers agree to provide the PBTF with an event plan and budget if requested.
  • Only donations made directly to the PBTF are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law. Donors who make a donation payable to the PBTF, and who are not receiving any goods or services for their donation will receive an acknowledgement letter from the PBTF in accordance with section 170(f)(8) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Noncash gift policies:

  • The PBTF can accept stock transfers as donations. If a donor wishes to transfer stock, please have them contact the PBTF so we may arrange the transfer. The value of the stock on the date of sale will be credited to your event.
  • Matching gift donations and company volunteer match donations are accepted. To receive credit for the matching gift donation or volunteer match donation, the PBTF must receive a copy of the proper paperwork from the corporation. The PBTF will credit the matched amount due to your event. Matching donations can be applied to direct donations only.
  • The PBTF is unable to accept in-kind donation or title for any real estate, timeshare, motor vehicle, boat, etc.

Licensed mark usage policies:

  • The names “Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation” and “Ride for Kids” are registered trademarks and may not be used in any form without prior written consent to the PBTF. Infringement on these trademarks, including the use of any name similar to “Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation®” and “Ride for Kids®”, is a violation of federal trademark laws.
  • Any use of the PBTF name, logo or stationery in any mailings, advertisements, or for the media must be submitted to and approved by the PBTF prior to production. When promoting an event, please use the following:  EVENT NAME benefiting the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation.
  • Consent for use of the PBTF’s licensed marks is granted on a single-event basis only. A separate application should be submitted for each fundraising event, and a new application must be submitted each year for recurring annual fundraising events.
  • The PBTF reserves the right to terminate consent for use of our licensed marks to at any time. In such and event, you agree to immediately cease using the PBTF’s licensed marks upon request.

By completing and submitting this Community Fundraising Agreement and Confidentiality Form, I, on behalf of myself and my fundraising team, my heirs, executors, administrators, assigns, or personal representatives, agree to the above requirements and hereby fully release and agree to hold harmless the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation of the United States, Inc., and its affiliates, their Officers, Directors, agents, employees and representatives, successors and entities, together with their insurers, of and from any and all liability, claims, damages, expenses or causes of action for any reason.

If a PBTF staff member attends my event, or photographs and/or video recordings of my event are submitted by myself or another event attendee, I agree to grant the PBTF full permission to use any photographs and/or video recordings of the campaign that contain my likeness.  


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Alternatively, you can complete the downloadable form, print it out mail it to us.