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Early Outreach

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Knowledge is power. By providing valuable educational materials and connecting families to the brain tumor community of support, the PBTF - Southeast Region helps families recognize that they are not on this journey alone.

When you become one of our Star families, you’ll have opportunities to meet other patients and families, and will benefit from our other support programs, such as the Butterfly Fund emergency financial assistance program.

At the beginning of our relationship, whether it is at the onset of diagnosis or later in your journey, we will give you important informational materials to help you navigate your way, including a Starfolio.

We know that this journey can cause feelings of isolation, and that it has a huge impact on the entire family – patient, parents, and siblings. To continue our Star treatment, we will give you a family care package with gifts for the patient and siblings living in the home, up to age 18.

The brain tumor journey often includes many visits to the hospital and clinics. That’s why we make weekly visits to the outpatient clinic and inpatient units of the local hospital. During these visits we provide snacks, hugs and love so our Star families know we care.