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Family Camps

The magic of Family Camp helps parents and their children learn that they are not alone as they fight brain cancer and the side effects of treatment. 

In Southern California, we work closely with Camp Ronald McDonald to design an award-winning camp especially for pediatric brain tumor patients and their families, combining fun camp activities with the best of PBTF programs.  Camp is provided in both English and Spanish.

In Northern California, we work with Camp Arroyo and the Taylor Family Foundation to provide Jack's Camp once each year. 

The West Region also provides We Can Have Hope, a family camp designed for families that have lost a child to a brain tumor.
Campers are divided into five groups: Parents, Older Patients, Younger Patients, Older Siblings and Younger Siblings. These groups participate in activities that address their particular needs.

The parents have guest speakers in addition to support group meetings. The children's groups are led by PBTF West's team of social workers.  The camp doctor (usually a neuro-oncologist) visits every group to answer questions and spends much of the weekend talking with family members in this non-stressful camp environment.

Family Camp creates a community for families dealing with this rare disease. They come away from their weekend feeling empowered and hopeful. They come away with a new family motto: "We Can Do It!"