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Survivorship Resource Guidebook: Forms and Templates

The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation's digital Survivorship Resource Guidebook: Forms and Templates download is a supplemental resource to our comprehensive guidebook for childhood brain tumor survivors and their families.

This PDF includes the following forms and templates which can be printed and used at home, at the doctor's or at school to navigate your survivorship journey:

  • Healthcare Team Contact Information
  • Summary of Brain Tumor Treatment
  • Survivorship Care Plan
  • Off-treatment Roadmap
  • Current Medications
  • Appointment Summary
  • Tests and Procedures Performed
  • Health Insurance Interaction
  • Writing Your Story
  • How to Ask a School for Extra Help
  • Creating an Individual Transition Plan

Click the image below to download our Forms and Templates document. The full Survivorship Resource Guidebook is available for download here.