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Online Learning

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The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation has produced a series of educational videos to help families better advocate for their child during treatment and beyond.

 Family Support Learning Series

 2015 Parents & Survivors Conference Sessions
Supported by A Kids’ Brain Tumor Cure

2014 Parents & Survivors Conference Sessions
Cohosted with the Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation

  • Keynote: Michelle Kees, parent of survivor
  • Cognitive Changes and Educational Rights: Dr. Iris Paltin, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and Lisa Kratze, special education advocate and parent of survivor
  • Family Impact: Dr. Tara Brinkman, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
  • Fertility & Nutrition: Dr. Laxmi Kondapalli, Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine and Alanna Cabrero, MS, RN, Columbia University
  • Medical Updates
      o    lntraoperative MRI: Dr. Jay Storm, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphila
      o    Late Effects of Treatments: Wendy Hobbie, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
      o    Pediatric Brain Tumors and the Genomics Revolution: Dr. Peter Phillips, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
      o    Proton Beam Radiation, Dr. Peter Phillips, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
  • What’s Next? Hearing the Voices of Survivors: David Cain, Morgan Coutts, Jamalia Hanson and Nicole Marley