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Resources & Tools to Help Children and Families During COVID-19

No family should ever have to face their child’s brain tumor diagnosis alone. The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation is here to support you, your child and your family as you navigate the disruptions caused by COVID-19 and all that comes with a pediatric brain tumor diagnosis.

We offer a variety of family support programs and resources to equip, educate and empower you. You can access any of the following resources without leaving your home.

Imaginary Friend Society (available in English and Spanish)
Through a series of 20 fun, award-winning animated short films, our imaginary friends explain a wide range of complicated cancer topics in a way that kids can understand. The following films address some of the issues you and your family may be facing during COVID-19:

Family Stories
Kids and teens with brain tumors are Stars to the PBTF. Through our Starlight stories, read about the journeys of other families and how they face the challenges that come with a pediatric brain tumor diagnosis.

Starfolio Notebook for Newly Diagnosed Families
The Starfolio is a free resource notebook designed to help families of newly diagnosed brain tumor patients to partner with their child’s healthcare team and to organize medical information during treatment. Click the link above to request a copy and download our family resource templates.

Educational Guides and Videos
The PBTF’s educational guides and videos provide families with additional information on navigating their child's treatment, offer tips on working with their healthcare team and feature leading medical experts speaking on a variety of subjects. Click the link above to view and download these guides and videos.

Survivorship Resource Guidebook
More than 40 expert authors in the fields of pediatric oncology, education, and disability rights, along with parents and survivors, answer questions about what survivors can do to stay healthy mentally and physically, manage their medical care, keep health insurance as they get older, thrive in school, find a job, and navigate life after treatment ends. The comprehensive guidebook is designed to help you partner with your healthcare team and access information as you need it at different stages of your survivorship journey. Click on the link above to download or order your copy.

Regional Support
PBTF staff across the country are here to help and connect your family with additional local resources. If you are a pediatric brain tumor family in need of support, please reach out to your region’s family support contact and regional director listed below. Our national family support hotline can also be reached at 800-253-6530, x306 and

The following list includes additional COVID-19 resources that are recommended by the PBTF’s family support and research teams.

General COVID-19 Information:

Insurance Coverage & Payment – information from the IDSA Resource Center:

  • National Medicaid Resources: 

Medicaid COVID-19 Resources
Telehealth Current State Laws & Reimbursement Policies (Center for Connected Health Policy)

  • State Medicaid Policies for the Top 15 States Impacted by COVID-19:

New York’s State Medicaid COVID-19 Policies
New Jersey’s State Medicaid COVID-19 Policies
Washington’s State Medicaid COVID-19 Policies
California’s State Medicaid COVID-19 Policies 
Florida’s State Medicaid COVID-19 Policies 
Michigan’s State Medicaid COVID-19 Policies 
Illinois’ State Medicaid COVID-19 Policies  
Louisiana’s State Medicaid COVID-19 Policies 
Texas’ State Medicaid COVID-19 Policies  
Georgia’s State Medicaid COVID-19 Policies  
Massachusetts’ State Medicaid COVID-19 Policies  
Colorado’s State Medicaid COVID-19 Policies  
Pennsylvania’s State Medicaid COVID-19 Policies  
Tennessee’s State Medicaid COVID-19 Policies  
Ohio’s State Medicaid COVID-19 Policies

Care of Individuals with Cancer during COVID-19

Support for Parents and Children

The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation is here for your family throughout and after COVID-19. Find more information and resources in our COVID-19 Resource Center for Families of Children with Brain Tumors.