2016 season opens in California, South Carolina


Ride for Kids helps Stars like
Izaiah and Bryan, who attended
the event in SoCal over the

The 2016 Ride for Kids season opened from coast to coast over the weekend, with a dual sport and adventure ride in Southern California and a road ride in South Carolina. The events combined to raise more than $72,000 for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation’s research and family support programs.

In California, riders met at Glen Helen Raceway on April 9 to honor local brain tumor survivors Bryan and Izaiah. The group enjoyed a day-long trek through the mud of the San Bernardino National Forest.

As of ride time, the motorcycle event had raised more than $37,000. Donations are still being accepted online at www.rideforkids.org/socal.

South Carolina’s riders gathered at Lexington High School outside Columbia the following day. The Ride for Kids Stars were Anna, Kaylyn, Keldon, Logan, Nathaniel, Peyton and Rob. Several of these brain tumor survivors and their families participated in the scenic ride through the countryside.

The S.C. Midlands event has raised more than $35,000 so far for the kids. You can add to the total by making a donation at www.rideforkids.org/midlands.

“A brain tumor is not just an illness for the child, it impacts the entire family and their community. It takes a village to help families through this and provide support.” Julian Ruffin, Ph.D, with Palmetto Children's Hospital.

The next Ride for Kids event is in Houston on April 24. Find a ride near you and sign up today to help cure the kids!