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National Staff Directory

Administration and Finance

Robin Boettcher
President and CEO

Don Goden
Chief Financial Officer

Teressa Warren
Accounting Manager

Deborah Grindstaff
Accounts Payable/Customer Service Specialist

Keisha Blocker
Donor Database Coordinator

Emilie Eckert
Donor Services Assistant

Brittany Miller Maas
Executive Assistant and Office Manager

Mike Alexander
Shipping Clerk

Chapter and Community Development

Tiffany Drummond Armstrong
Vice President of Chapter and Community Development


Melissa Hudson-Gant
National Development Director

Ashley Davis
National Campaign Coordinator, Starry Night

Kelly Dooley
National Campaign Manager

Brittany Jennings
Development Communications Coordinator

Emily Johnson
National Campaign Coordinator, Starry Night

Caroline Noor
Annual Giving and Donor Information Manager

Brittaney Shade
National Campaign Manager

Marketing and Communications

Mary O. Ratcliffe, ABC
Vice President of Marketing and Communications

Brenda Dammann
Marketing Communications Manager

Merri Bjoralt
Digital Marketing Manager

Brittany Jennings
Development Communications Coordinator

Research and Family Support

Joanne Salcido, PhD
Vice President of Research and Family Support

Melanie Smith
National Director, Mission Programs

Shelley Pressley
Manager, Mission Programs

Ride for Kids

Steve Reynolds
National Director

Jerry Harvey
Associate National Director

Kelley Corwin
National Campaign Manager

Mark Muhlenfeld
National Campaign Manager

Michael Beaver
National Campaign Manager

Suzette Grindstaff
Administrative Assistant