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PBTF Calls for Increased Focus on Kids Diagnosed with Deadliest Childhood Cancer Ahead of World Cancer Day and International Childhood Cancer Day


Nonprofit leader invites global cancer community to Understanding Pediatric Brain Tumors and Treatments webinar on Feb. 18

Every three minutes, another child somewhere in the world is diagnosed with cancer. In the United States, cancer remains the leading cause of death by disease for children, with brain tumors being the deadliest. Despite these statistics, a new drug has never been developed and approved specifically for pediatric brain cancer.

Ahead of February's World Cancer Day and International Childhood Cancer Day, the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation (PBTF), the world's nonprofit leader dedicated to kids with brain tumors, calls on global leaders to put children's futures first.

World Cancer Day (Feb. 4) and International Childhood Cancer Day (Feb. 15) offer an opportunity to imagine a world where everyone has access to lifesaving cancer treatments no matter where they live or, in the case of pediatric patients, how old they are.

"A pediatric brain cancer diagnosis takes a staggering toll on children’s and families' physical, emotional, and financial well-being, which has only worsened because of COVID-19's impact on research and patient care," says Courtney Davies, PBTF's President and CEO. "Awareness initiatives like World Cancer Day and International Childhood Cancer Day offer an opportunity for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation to improve the public's understanding of this disease's impact and the urgent need for a cure."

PBTF invites the global cancer community to learn more about the different types, symptoms, and treatments of pediatric brain cancer during the upcoming webinar, Understanding Pediatric Brain Tumors and Treatments, on Feb. 18. The webinar is free, but registration is required.

"Curing and caring for kids battling brain cancer is an international challenge no individual or organization can tackle alone," says Davies. "The world has a responsibility to these children. We urge global leaders to join the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation in investing in the research and support every child deserves."

About the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation
Every day, 13 children and teens are diagnosed with a brain tumor, the deadliest form of childhood cancer. Every day after, they are in a fight for their life. It's a fight the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation is here to help families win. A leader in the brain tumor and childhood cancer communities, PBTF's mission of Care. Cure. Thrive. reflects its commitment to curing all pediatric brain tumors and transforming how children and their families are cared for. Since 1991, PBTF has provided strategic leadership and funding to accelerate the number of targeted therapies for children battling brain tumors today, while equipping families with the patient family education, financial relief, and emotional support they need to navigate their child's journey. A world without childhood brain tumors is possible when we stand together to effect real, meaningful change. Learn more at