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Join PBTF: Sign the “Make Childhood Cancer A National Research Priority” Petition


2 minutes of your time can mean a lifetime of hope for children battling brain cancer

Every year, approximately 15,780 children are diagnosed with cancer in the US. Nearly 5,000 of these children are diagnosed with brain cancer, which is both the deadliest and most common form of cancer in kids under 15. These devastating statistics are further amplified by the fact that, to date, no new drugs have been developed and approved specifically for children with brain cancer. Historically, the pharmaceutical industry has not prioritized research and development for pediatric cancer drugs, and limited government funding has led to far too many children paying the price.

When Rene Marsh’s 2-year-old son Blake died in her arms on April 14, 2021, after a one-and-a-half-year battle with brain cancer, she knew she had to act. On Mother’s Day 2021, in a CNN op-ed, Rene introduced a petition to highlight the disparities in research and reinforce making pediatric cancer a national priority.

“Mothers can use our collective power to shift how the federal government and pharmaceutical companies prioritize children in the fight against cancer. That means using our platforms to raise awareness about the issue, letting our elected officials know we support and expect more funding for our children with cancer,” she wrote in the op-ed. Leveraging the power of a determined group, mothers, Rene’s efforts will have a monumental impact as more people sign on in support.  

Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation leadership fully supports this petition which:

  1. Urges President Biden to include a comprehensive strategy to end pediatric cancer as part of his national plan to, in his words, "end cancer as we know it"
  2. Requests that President Biden include in his plan an initiative for the U.S. government to partner with the pharmaceutical industry to incentivize and require more aggressive development of pediatric cancer drugs
  3. Urges Congress to increase overall government research funding for pediatric cancer and pass the bipartisan Gabriella Miller Kids First Research Act 2.0.

We encourage all supporters (moms and others!) to join this vital initiative and sign this petition. 

In this movement to make pediatric cancer a national priority Rene says, ”We are protecting our children's futures and their ability to live out their dreams. We are protecting the experiences we hope to share with them as they grow up. A mother's love is powerful. A woman's love is powerful. Let us use that power to protect our nation's most precious resource.”

Won’t you please join us by adding your name here: Petition · Conquer Cancer in Kids ·

Note about petitions: After you sign, another page appears asking you to "chip in." These donations go to, not in support of pediatric cancer research. No payment is necessary to support this petition. If you do wish to contribute funds to help children with brain tumors, you can donate in Blake’s memory here.

If you or a family you know need support following a child’s brain tumor diagnosis, the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation is here for you. Contact us at or 800-253-6530, x306 to learn more about programs and resources that are available to you on your journey.