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PBTF GameON Unveils Livestream Schedule: Join us Sept. 25-Oct. 3 to #CancelKidsCancer


FUNDRAISING UPDATE (Sept. 29): PBTF GameON community, you’re amazing! In only 4 days you smashed our original goal of $50,000. Childhood brain cancer doesn’t stop, and neither do we so we’ve increased the goal to $60,000 $70,000. Are you up to the challenge?


The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation’s first-ever PBTF GameON fundraiser is happening Sept. 25-Oct. 3. Join us for this week-long event as more than 70 Facebook Gaming and Twitch streamers team up with a goal of raising $50,000 for kids with brain cancer.

On Friday, Sept. 25 starting at 1 p.m. ET, Facebook Gaming Partner and PBTF GameON ambassador Starbeast will kick off the launch event at  Earlier this year, Starbeast and the GGFam community raised more than $6,200 for pediatric brain tumor research and family support. He returns to break his record on Sept. 25 with a fundraising goal of $10,000.

“At 21 years old, I underwent and overcame open brain surgery,” says Starbeast. “As the GGFam grows, I want to continue to give back and do bigger and better things for our world. I am inspired by the incredible strength and courage of the children the PBTF serves and am honored to raise awareness as a PBTF GameON global ambassador.”

PBTF GameON’s launch event will bring together members of the video game community and families impacted by a child's brain tumor diagnosis to livestream games and share their experiences. Every dollar raised helps PBTF fund research to cure the deadliest childhood cancer and equip families with the information, emotional support, and financial assistance they need.

Anyone interested in participating can sign up on the PBTF GameON Tiltify page. All launch event fundraisers will receive a bag of special “charity edition” beef jerky from PBTF GameON global ambassador and sponsor Empire Jerky. Participants who raise $250 or more will also earn PBTF’s exclusive “We Play to Win Vs. Cancer” T-shirt.

Check out the schedule below for links to each streamer’s channel. We will be featuring streams from this list throughout the week on PBTF’s social media channels, including Facebook and Twitter.

FUNDRAISING UPDATE (Sept. 25): $10,000 Launch Match Unlocked in 1 Hour!
On behalf of kids with brain tumors everywhere, thank you to everyone who helped Starbeast unlock the $10,000 challenge match in one hour. And thank you to the two generous donors who made this match possible! Check out the rest of the schedule below for more exciting livestreams now through Oct. 3!

PBTF GameON Launch Event Schedule

List will be updated before and throughout the week with additional streams.
Start times subject to change.

Friday, Sept. 25

1 p.m. ET - Facebook Gaming Partner Starbeast kicks off PBTF GameON’s launch week with a Call of Duty Mobile livestream. Tune in for a special surprise when he reaches his $10,000 goal!

Saturday, Sept. 26

1 p.m. ET –  The action continues Saturday with the PBTF GameON Charity Madden Tournament. Watch the following content creators as they “Play to WIN Vs. Cancer”: Tywan 14 Gaming, EAT MORE Gaming, Fatboygaming, BadTeacher, KreenGaming, KingUno Gaming, Great Dane Gaming, Shotbybuddha, Stephen Baker, Floridaboykadesh Gaming, Sooamazingnj Gaming, TheJaronBell, and Xh1b1t

6 p.m. ET – Every mile counts in the fight against childhood brain cancer! Streamers Vs. Childhood Cancer – Daytona 500, organized by Prestige Worldwide, will feature the following content creators playing NASCAR Heat 5 on Xbox One: Prestige World Wide, Scoops Gaming, Doc Coop Gaming, Sinister J, Legend of Majelen, Abrupt Gaming, Tyclone, Ihavethebeer, and Dtap Gaming. Tune in Sept. 27 for more Daytona 500 fun!

7 p.m. ET – Guardian’s Gauntlet, hosted by Guardian1, will feature content creators coming together to participate in the first-ever Guardian’s Gauntlet “game show.” Sponsored by Empire Jerky, the event will feature: Guardian1, Drsavage, ToxicVixen, Freebies, HIPPE, Myrnisth3word, and Mayo4Kiddos.

Sunday, Sept. 27

6 p.m. ET – Streamers Vs. Childhood Cancer – Daytona 500 continues with day 2! Organized by Prestige Worldwide, this stream will feature the following content creators playing NASCAR Heat 5 on PS4: Shibboleth Gaming, MomsBasement, Brew Gaming, Varnguard Gaming, Xperts Corner, and BigDinger.

Sunday, Sept. 27-Tuesday, Sept. 29: Twitch Marathon

All Day – Join us for three days of charity livestreams on Twitch, featuring the following content creators (listed in alphabetical order):

Wednesday, Sept. 30–Friday, Oct. 2: Facebook Gaming Marathon

All Day – Join us for three days of charity livestreams on Facebook, featuring the following content creators (listed in alphabetical order):

Saturday, Oct. 3

6 p.m. ET – Join the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation community and experience what your support means to the children we serve during our virtual Starry Night lantern-lighting ceremony, streamed over Watch as pediatric brain tumor survivors, families and supporters across the country share why they are committed to kids with brain tumors and help us shine a light on their journeys.

9 p.m. ET – Cross the finish line with our Streamers Vs. Childhood Cancer – iRacing event on Twitch. Organized by Delph, this stream will feature content creators playing iRacing on PC. More info to come!

You can sign up to participate or donate here. The PBTF GameON fundraiser bundle and additional resources can be found at

About the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation
Every day, 13 children and teens are diagnosed with a brain tumor, the deadliest childhood cancer. Every day after, they are in a fight for their life. It is a fight the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation is here to help families win. As the world’s leading nonprofit dedicated to kids with brain tumors, PBTF is transforming how childhood brain tumors are treated and how children, teens, and their families are cared for. Through partnerships with leading medical institutions, organizations, families, and individuals, we have funded $46 million in scientific discovery and connect thousands of families each year with patient and family education, financial relief, and a thriving community of support. A world without childhood brain tumors is possible when we stand together to effect real, meaningful change. Join us in our mission to Care. Cure. Thrive. at