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Together to #CareCureThrive for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month


Every day is a battle for children and teens with brain tumors. Some days may be easier than others, but these Stars are always fighting the odds. Fighting to survive. Fighting to thrive.

Unfortunately, this fight is far from over. Although progress has been made in understanding, diagnosing and treating pediatric brain tumors, much more needs to be done. Pediatric brain tumors are still the deadliest childhood cancer, and their physical, emotional and financial toll on families is staggering.

It’s going to take teamwork to equip, educate and empower families through their journey. Collaboration to develop safer treatments for increased survivorship and a better quality of life. All of us to achieve a world without childhood brain tumors.

This Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, you can fight for this future.

Throughout September, we’ll share exciting news about new family support partnerships and programs, updates about lifesaving research and stories of Stars’ inspiring journeys. 

But we need your help to spread the word. Together to #CareCureThrive is our focus for the month of September, because together is what it will take to find a cure.

How you can help:

Our community is strongest when we work together. Thank you for joining the fight against childhood brain tumors.